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Deep down we all realize we could be the person we want to be.  That person is probably at a level that we don’t even realize yet.  All we need is someone to help us get there—to ask the right questions that help us bring out things within us that are golden nuggets of truth.

Why not start exploring your life and acting on your dreams NOW to get the desired results you or your organization are looking for?


An Introduction to Executive Coaching

A message from Dan about what you can expect to gain from his training.

The Level Up Podcast

Listen in as Dan interviews some of the best and brightest entrepreneurial minds

Whether you are a solopreneur, young professional, seasoned professional in a small company or a larger one—you will learn so much as you listen to people who have experiences that can help you think about what you do and how you might do it better.

As you listen to some of our guests, you may know  someone who has a story to tell.  Maybe it’s you!  Join us for the next podcast and listen to our impressive library of guest speakers from all walks of life.
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What do you have to lose?

The answer is nothing.  Let us show you how our Executive Coaching program works. You will receive a FREE Introductory Lesson that is going to help you “level up” no matter what you do.  Listen to Dan explain the program and then schedule your FREE Introductory Session today.

What topic will we explore?  You choose.  What’s going on in your life right now that needs some work or tweaking?

Dan's Recent Articles & Blogs

Keep informed of Dan's thoughts on business, development, and user experience.


Stay up-to-date on your favorite platform.

iMPACT Training & Development Courses by Dan Chiodo

Training & development for Small Business leaders AND Corporate Executives alike.

Through offering more than 100 courses and topics, Dan will ensure that you learn the most important strategies to achieve success. He will teach you formulas and systems as you interactively participate in your learning process.

Along with that, you will receive a course outline and templates that will come in handy for your day-to-day work.


PerfectTIMING by Dan Chiodo

Here's the secret to gaining two hours in your day!

Thousands of people who have struggled with handling their time have turned to Dan’s PerfectTIMING book and methods to help them create more organization, success and peace in their life.  Gaining two hours in  your day is no stretch.  You can do it!

For a reasonable price you can buy the paperback, ebook, or audiobook.  A great way to reinforce PerfectTIMING and integrate it into your life is to take one of Dan’s PerfectTIMING seminars held throughout the country.


Keynote Speaking & Events

“Your Second Wind”
—in your day        —in your career         —in your life

This new topic is for large organizations, mid-size companies, conventions and associations.  It has a message for every individual in the room, as people examine themselves and determine how they are going to achieve uncommon results that go way beyond what they or their organization ever thought they could achieve. We are now booking events into next year, so call soon and hear about “The Second Wind”.    

Other Keynote Speeches include :
PerfectTIMING 2.0:  Becoming the Best Time Manager You Know
Customer Service with iMPACT:  Outside and Inside the Organization
iMPACT Selling:  Getting Results with a NEW Sales Strategy
What’s Your Culture?: Designing or Changing the Culture in Your Organization
The Strategic Visioning Miracle:  The New Way to Execute Your Strategic Plan
Where’s MyTeam?:  Working on Building a Highly Effective Team for Your Company
PerfectIMAGE:  Become a Powerful Communicator

The Impact of iMPACT

Here are some kind words from individuals that Dan has worked with.

Thank you for your positive and motivating guidance the past couple of years. Everything you’ve taught me has led to my dreaming bigger and to more effectively designing steps to achieve my goals. I have truly benefited from our coaching together.

It's easy to get so wrapped up in what you're doing that forget what you're doing - or why you began doing it to begin with. Having Dan as my personal and team coach has helped provide perspective, context and scale to everything that I am (and we as a team are) doing. I only regret that I didn't begin with Dan much sooner in my professional life.

Dustin Storm

Storm Cloud Marketing

Don't forget your FREE Introductory Lesson with Dan!

I'm not kidding. It is COMPLETELY FREE so let's chat!

Let us show you how our Executive Coaching program works. You will receive a FREE Introductory Lesson that is going to help you“level up” no matter what you do.  Listen to Dan explain the program and then schedule your FREE Introductory Session today.

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