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What's holding you back?

What do you have to lose?

The world and the way people do business is changing, and you may not be confident in your ability to control your own destiny. You may feel like you don’t have available time for self-improvement and in the past when you’ve tried self-improvement on your own it’s lead to wasted time, frustration, and regret.

Behaviors are hard to change. You may be frustrated that you set goals and never achieve them. You may be discouraged by the success of others and how it seems to happen so easily for them. You may be convinced that you need luck to succeed.

You may feel “stuck” in this current version of yourself like things are just the way they are and you’re having trouble visualizing what they could be.

I am very excited about my new career and am eager to continue to learn and grow and become an asset to my organization.  I appreciate your kindness and the genuineness of your Executive Coaching Program.


I am a strong believer an ongoing education and taking advantage of any professional development opportunities that present themselves. This includes workshops, affiliations, books and podcasts. Having strong executive coaching is another great investment in yourself and I am so pleased  you are my Executive Coach. I've benefited from PerfectTIMING, your time management book, your seminars and your Level Up Podcasts.


You are a continual inspiration. You always invest so much time in me. I feel like clay that's been molded into something wonderful. I always remember what you've said and your great stories. Amazing things are happening in my life and so much is because of you.


I value your teaching, advice, and professionalism. Thanks so much for what you've done not only for our company, but for my personal growth.  You are an excellent teacher and someone whom I hold with the utmost respect.


I want to communicate and share how much I respect and appreciate you. In difficult and stressful times, it's important to communicate, focus, be creative, and be informed on how to drive teams with strength and positivity.  Influence.  That’s what you are teaching me to do.


Taking control.

  • Dan has successfully coached more than 900 people.
  • He currently works with more than 90 corporations.
  • Dan’s clients have a 99.78% success rate.
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Meet Patrick.

Patrick is in his 40s, married with two kids, and enjoys a good round of golf. He is the CEO of a midsize technology company based in New Jersey with 3 other offices across the country. Free time is something he didn’t feel like he had much of.

Patrick wanted to grow leadership positions within his company and expand the business into a few new promising regions, but Patrick was struggling, frustrated, and having trouble communicating and engaging with team members to drive growth. He wanted to be a better leader but company morale was down. He felt stuck, stressed, and unable to make new decisions.

Patrick was referred to iMPACT Development and Personal Training by a mutual business friend who said he had been working closely with Dan to drive change in his own life and business. Patrick was determined to improve morale and grow into new territories, so he reached out to Dan to schedule a free intro session. He shared his vision with Dan and was able to talk openly about where he thought he might be struggling.

Dan quickly helped Patrick identify some potential personal growth obstacles and gave him steps to address those right away and also suggested he gather anonymous employee feedback.

Through these employee feedback surveys, Patrick and Dan were able to identify a few reoccurring issues. Employees consistently noted Patrick’s inability to employ active listening, and promote teamwork effectively between departments, and also noted that he was often distracted and unavailable.

Dan worked together with Patrick to immediately develop a custom action plan that shifted how he approached leadership and team meetings as well as how he could encourage open discussion and collaboration among team members. Dan was also able to hold Patrick accountable. This immediate and consistent course of action created a waterfall effect on the culture within Patrick’s regional office and promoted more collaborative effort in working toward the company’s mission and Patrick’s established goals.

Patrick was able to replicate what he learned through coaching across all management at all locations, existing employees had a renewed excitement to contribute and climb the company ladder, and Patrick’s business was able to expand into 3 new territories.

Through working with Dan, Patrick was also able to gain more control of his health, set boundaries between business and life, and find an organizational style that lead to less stress and more free time.

Gain the control to achieve the health, wealth, purpose, and happiness you deserve in your career and in life and avoid the pain of staying “stuck” - hoping for change but not knowing how or where to start.

80% of people who do an Intro Session choose to start coaching immediately.

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