Life Hacks

I recently found myself in a life or death situation. I had a complication so serious the doctors working on my case said few people survive what I did. I am a very lucky man. But how confusing: One day I was running, swimming, biking, etc. and the next day I was in a hospital with almost no energy. A set-back like this was a first for me. Now I can empathize with others who have gone through similar situations. Let me share some of what I learned:

1.TAKE EACH DAY STEP BY STEP. If you face a set-back and must adjust—just go with the new paradigm you’re in and celebrate every step of progress. For instance, I took running 3-6 miles for granted. My new paradigm was to be able to step up one step. I smiled the day I accomplished that because I knew I was moving in the right direction.

2.GIVE THANKS AGAIN AND AGAIN. Thank every single person who is part of your recovery. They work hard to help you recover as quickly as possible. Tell them how important they are to you. Tell them what they are doing well.

3.THINK POSITIVELY ABOUT YOURSELF. People will tell you that you look great, even though you may not, but pretend they mean it. There is something magical about hearing you look well that makes you feel like you are one step closer in your recovery.

4.RECORD EVERYTHING. Keep a list of what you’ve accomplished that day. When you look back at it, you will realize how far you’ve come. Look at what you did yesterday and figure out what you’re going to add today.

5.HAVE YOUR OWN MORNING HUDDLE. Set a specific time to meditate and celebrate that day’s successes. It will become a ceremony that is essential to returning to the life you want.

Now let’s take a look at general business set-backs that occur on occasion. What can you do to keep the set-backs to a minimum so that you are set-up for success in the future?


  • What things are going well and should be nurtured to achieve even more success?
  • What is something that fell off the rails that could be re-built, re-thought or restructured?
  • Who on your team has had a recent set-back? Talk to them about it and give them full support.

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