Ten Ways to Change Your Thinking by Changing Your Location

Life Hacks

When we moved to Florida five years ago we found that when we traded in our two cars, we really didn’t need more than one. Using Uber or Lyft works just fine for us.

Because of that when my wife goes for dance practice on Saturdays I find myself wanting to ride with her. Not only do I get to spend time with her, but I get a whole morning to locate wherever I want to do some creative thinking.

I can do it at a local coffee shop, a seating area at a local nursery, or even our local zoo. Some of those are strange locations, right? Not for me:

  1. It makes my brain think differently.
  2. I become more creative than normal.
  3. I am not distracted by the normal interruptions.
  4. I work very efficiently to be proud of my accomplishments.
  5. I do projects that put me ahead of the game for the next week.
  6. I meet new people and strike up interesting conversations.
  7. I turn those I talk to into new clients after they ask me what I do.
  8. I make mental connections between the places I’m at and my work.
  9. I people-watch, which gives me all kinds of ideas.
  10. I get to pet some animals that come to visit where I am.

What more can you ask for? Discover how great life can be by adding this little trick to your week and your way of working. You’ll be so glad you did it.

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