December 28, 2016
Life Hacks

The week between Christmas and New Year’s is one of my favorite times of the year. It's a time when things slow down just a bit and I usually find a little time to be by myself. I thought I'd share the process I go through and offer it to you to try.

1. First, I think about your gratitude for some of the wonderful things that have occurred in your life. This includes money goals you've achieved, people you've met, places you've visited and projects you've accomplished.2. Now that you have a smile on your face from a great past year, start thinking about all the possibilities for the upcoming year.3. Of course none of these possibilities will come to fruition if you don't set specific goals for yourself. As to how many goals you need, it is up to you. Maybe you would like one per month so that you experience 12 beautiful accomplishments. Or maybe this is a new process for you and you'd rather have one goal for each quarter. So now you have four to focus on.4. In PerfectTIMING, my book on time management, I suggest making what I call SOUND goals. S (specific), O (objective), U (useful), N (numbers to hold you accountable) and D (deadline for it).5. Reach for the stars: Don't choose goals that are too easily achieved. If you create some tough goals you will be pleased about what you have achieved by the end of the year.6. Perhaps you have some numbers you want to achieve. Set them up as goals. But don't forget at least one behavioral change you'd like to make. You don't have to announce to anyone that you are working on this goal unless you want them to hold you accountable by the end of the year. You will see a permanent change you've made for the better.7. Keep your 2017 Goals on a paper document at your work area at all times so that you don't lose sight of what you must do.8. If you accomplish your goals quicker than you thought you would, come up with some more for the remainder of the year. You're going to be a pro.

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