Life Hacks

Q: Sometimes I get really quiet during a brainstorming session. I'm just not a creative person. How can I overcome that?

A: I consider myself very creative, so let me help you with that.

Guess what? I actually practiced Step #1 (below) in today's Answer that I gave you (above).

  1. Start seeing yourself as creative-- and you will become more creative.
  2. Drive a different route to work and home tomorrow. This will help you practice a new habit.
  3. Occasionally brush your teeth with the opposite hand you would normally use. It makes your brain think in different patterns.
  4. Go to a Chamber networking event and don't visit with people you already know. Go right up to someone new. Ask them plenty of questions so that they do most of the talking.
  5. When you go to a restaurant this week, order something on the menu you've never tried before.
  6. Next time you are trying to come up with a solution for a problem, try drawing pictures of what the outcome will look like once you achieve it.
  7. Keep your eye on people you think are creative. Listen to what they say and notice how they seem to think. Try out some of their strategies.
  8. Look around your office and notice what objects are in it. Stare at each one (one at a time) and think of a purpose for the object other than what you would normally use it for. (Example: pretend the light in the ceiling is actually a tanning bulb you could sit under to get some Vitamin D.)
  9. Quietly sit and think of something you will be offering at your organization ten years from now and pretend you already provide it.
  10. Find the closest mirror and look at your face. Now broadly smile the biggest smile you've ever smiled. Show as many teeth as possible. (Note: You might want to try this one after everyone else goes home.)

Congratulations! You are already thinking more creatively than before you read this blog.

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