June 12, 2017
Life Hacks

Q: What if I can't handle the new job they gave me? I'm really good at what I do now and am not sure I want things to change.A: They offered it to you because they feel you will succeed. Don't you want to give it a try?We all probably have some hesitation about new areas or jobs we are asked to undertake, but remember that managers offer positions to people whom they feel know about about 50% of what they will need to know to do the job. They feel that you can grow into the position.When we've held a position for a while we tend to feel very confident in what we do. We do certain parts of it without thinking about it. But the new area may take learning new skills, a different way of looking at things and maybe even a new person we will be reporting to.Fear not. Your new manager knows that you will have many questions and maybe even make mistakes once in a while. They likely know, however, that people usually learn from their mistakes and then make adjustments so that they don't repeat the mistakes. ACTION STEPS FOR THIS WEEK

Here are a few pointers if you are considering a new assignment:1. Fully listen to what is being proposed to you.2. Ask plenty of questions about anything you don't understand.3. Picture your first day on the job and how exciting it will be.4. Thank new people you are working with every time they help you.5. At the end of each day, write down any item needing clarification.6. Remember, people will correct you occasionally. Learn from it.7. Ask your supervisor how you are doing at the end of each week.7. At the end of each day ask yourself... --what went right? --what went wrong? --what should change?Best of luck to you. You will do great

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