What kind of PLANNING do you have in place for next year?

Life Hacks

Here are a few plans that might give you a running start to having a successful new year:1. HEALTH PLANStart the year out with a physical that checks you out from top to bottom. Know what you are dealing with so there are no sudden stops to what you are trying to accomplish for the year.2. NUTRITION PLANMake sure you are putting good things into your body, always eating in moderation. Use smaller plates for your food so you don't eat as much and stop eating while you are still just a bit hungry.3. EXERCISE PLANYou need both the cardio kind (running, walking, biking, swimming), the strength kind (weight training--- using weight machines, free weights or exercise bands) and stretching (to stay limber. Yoga can be good for this.) Make sure you exercise at least six days per week and take one day off to let your body repair.4. SLEEP PLANFind a way to get seven or eight hours of sleep each night. Turn out all the lights and make sure you stop watching anything too exciting on TV an hour before. Of course no caffeine several hours before bedtime, too.5. FINANCIAL PLANMake sure your finances are in order and that you really lead a simpler life, spending only what's necessary so that you have money to enjoy yourself!6. VACATION PLANYour calendar should show all the fun trips that you are going to have for this year.7. ' ME' PLANThis is the time you sit and think about your week, your year-- and your life. I recommend a weekly time set aside to do this.8. 'WE 'PLANWhen will you spend time with your spouse, a significant other, your children and friends? Don't forget them. They help you have the very best life.9. VISION PLANI'm talking here about your Vision Board, which has all the present goals you are working on in your life. Keep it close to where you go to bed and wake up. Remember to change it out, or you will get tired of seeing it and not bother working on these things that you determined are the most important in your life.10. PROFIT PLANYou probably track your revenues and expenses in your business, but do you keep your eye on the profits. This shows you what is popular and successful at your company.11. 'WHAT IF' PLANKeep asking yourself "What if..." so that you can really get creative with your business and life this year. (Ex. What if we offered our air conditioners in bright colors so that people could match them to their house colors?)12. THE LEARNING PLANWhat are you going to be doing this year that will make you more informed than ever before? A person should always be working on their own type of "masters program" that makes them the best in their field.13. REPAIR PLANEven the finest of machines need occasional repairs. WE watch them and look for signs that they are not operating normally. Do you do the same things for your year? Do you constantly re-evaluate it and know when something should (a) continue to be done (b) stopped being done (c) changed?14.. CELEBRATION PLANDo you celebrate ALL successes-- even the little ones? You should. It pumps you and your people up for making more of those kinds of things happen.Here's to a great year of PLANNING right so that you get the results you're looking for!

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