A Positive Attitude Can Change the World -Episode 24 with Guest Larry Berg

March 4, 2019

In this podcast, we chat with Larry Berg, the District Manager of Waste Management in Naples, FL.



Motto:  Life Can be Fun

I.  Talk to your co-workers

    A.  Being a positive influence will potentially make you successful

II.  It's very easy to be negative, more difficult to be positive

III.  If you can maintain the positive attitude

    A.  People will notice it

    B.  It will have a positive affect on your co-workers

    C.  What you model is what your workforce will exhibit

IV.  Spend time with your employees

    A.  Find out what your employee likes

    B.  Ask the employee how to bring that out in them

V.  Your work group is a unit of one, not a unit of X number of employees

    A.  Celebrate any and all successes

    B.  Create a family culture

    C.  Be a person:  people watch you closely

          1.  You have no idea what people notice and pick up from you

          2.  Even in tragic situations, you can still have a positive impact

    D.  Have a team that can carry on even while you are gone

VI.  You need to "be motivated to stay motivated"

    A.  The world puts challenges in front of each of us

          1.  You have impact on people that you don't realize

          2.  Seeing the impact you have can make you feel good

    B.  Are there ways you can be more positive?


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