Be Bold - Episode 70 with Shawn Roberts

February 6, 2023

This episode is part of the “Being” season of the Level Up year. This month it’s “Be Bold”. Shawn Roberts talks about a change in his career from the culinary world to the communications management world.


I.  Beginnings

    A.  Eagle Scouts

         1.  Learned physical and mental discipline

    B.  Vocational School

         1.  Learned discipline with baking

         2.  Learned creativity with cooking

    C.  Willing Workers on Organic Farms

         1.  In Australia

         2.  Known as WOOFing

    D.  Restaurant work

          1.  Working within your crew

          2.  Relying upon and trusting each other

II.  BOLD moves

     A.  Reached burnout in his position

     B.  Lack of opportunity for advancement

     C.  Willing to embrace change

           1.  Outside eyes looking in

           2.  New ways to do things

     D.   Start with a positive attitude and get positivity in return

            1.  Reverse is also true (negative attitude gets negativity)

     E.  Take the leap but be willing to learn and adapt

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