Being Positive About Life - Episode 25 with Marilyn Marshall

April 1, 2019

In this podcast, we chat with Marilyn Marshall, Administrator of Endocrinology


  • You can choose how you look at life
  1. Take a moment and listen
  2. Don’t just react
  3. What habits/traits do you want to take from your parents?
  4. What habits/traits do you not want to take?
  5. Incorporate your faith into your positivity


  • Reacting with others
  1. Don’t negate their feelings
  2. Bring something to life them up


  • Performance
  1.  It’s about the message
  2.  It’s not about the performance
  3.  Touch their soul
  4.  Strength and safety can come from it
  5.  Can make a person more open


  • Connecting with people
  1. It’s all about the listening
  2. Make them feel comfortable—then they are okay sharing with you
  3. Know that “it’s all going to be okay”
  1. People want hope
  2. Visualize what can be
  3. Tragedies in your life:  You may never get over it, but  you will get through it


  • We have a choice …
  1. In our reaction
  2. In what we learn
  3. Don’t be afraid to reach out
  4. Form positive partnerships

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