Driving Your Business with Passion -Episode 22 with Guest Dustin Storm

December 7, 2018

In this podcast Dustin Storm, owner of Storm Cloud Marketing, and I talk about intentional growth, goals and peak performance.




Intentional Growth

    1.  Requires focus and planning

    2.  Is hard, particularly when building on achievement

    3.  Have a plan, but be ready to change on a dime

    4.  Focus on what you have to do for tomorrow

Determine if you are meeting your goals

    1.  Each day/week/month/year

    2.  Use technology to help determine if you are meeting goals

              a.  Use data as a rudder to help you get from A to B

    3.  What do you need to do more of/ less of/ change?

    4.  Work on doing the business instead of working on the business

              a.  Otherwise you slip into mediocrity

    5.  Your definition of success changes over time

              a.  Figure out your own definition

Peak performing

    1.  Put time and passion into your job

    2.  Breaks are important

    3.  Do your work in a different place or in a different way

    4.  Vacations should be at least seven days  to re-energize

    5.  Sometimes you need to pivot in order to stay upright

    6.  Start your day with your highest priority

    7.  Use power naps to reset your brain

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