Earning My Cup of Coffee


I collect coffee makers. I'm not sure why. My wife laughs at how many I own, yet she's the one who always buys me each one. It doesn't even have to be a special occasion. She hears me talk about one and then asks why I would need another one. Yet soon after she is purchasing it.My latest one is very special. It is a Swiss coffee maker and the pods must be specially ordered. It costs about 75 cents per cup, when you figure in the shipping for each pod. Now the taste is wonderful-- unlike any other coffee maker I've tried, but still... I like to be careful about how much I spend on treats like that.It is for that reason that I have positioned the coffee maker in my new Florida office in an area where I can see it all day long. I will be using it to produce my "Reward Cup". The coffee I pour for myself from that coffee maker will be when I have accomplished the one big initiative I had for that day. If I don't get it done, I will have to wait and hope to have coffee from it tomorrow.What is your "Reward" that awaits you for the day? Think about something you love to do and then save it for your daily reward. It's a fun way to make sure you are staying on task.Other time-savers can be found in my book PerfectTIMING. Pick up a copy from my website, Barnes & Noble or amazon.com. In May it was selected as the Kansas City Library's book of the month.

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