F.L.A.G.S. Focused Learning and Growth -Episode 21 with Guest J. R. Chiodo-Benmuvhar

November 5, 2018

We might think that a university does things differently than some of our organizations, but as we peel away the layers of J.R.'s program to grow the student population on his campus, we see that so many of the things that he is doing are exactly what we should be doing to make our companies better.  Take a listen and hear his story:





A University Engagement Program that can be Utilized in Any Organization 

  1. WHAT:  Residential Curriculum
  2. Using the key tenets (keystones) of the organization as mission
  3. Each tenet mission has a guiding philosophy and learning outcome


  1. WHY:  
  2. The more involved the student (customer/ employee) is with the organization,  the more likely they are to graduate (continue as customer/ continue employment)


  1. HOW:
  2. Intentional interactions, i.e. questions to ponder, not just random conversations
  3. You directly control
  4. Program providers must embrace the program


  1. BASIS:
  2. What will meet your end user's (student/ customer/ employee) expectations?
  3. Get complete engagement in the program

            (1.) Students (customers/ employees) provide feedback and data on the success  of interactions and program    OUTCOMES:

  1. Have a great experience for the users
  2. Putting informality back into the picture

             (1.) Makes people more comfortable and willing to talk/share

  1. Don't focus on the "What Ifs"; focus on the How Can?

             (1.)  How can I make this a reality?  

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