Learning How to Truly Prioritize - Episode 27 with Melody Morgan

June 4, 2019

Melody Morgan talks about how to prioritize your list and work it!


Learning How to Truly Prioritize

I.  Do you really have to answer that call, that email, RIGHT now?

     A.  Don't get distracted and not complete what you are currently working on.

     B.  Chances are you can answer that call or email in an hour without issue

II.  To Do Lists

     A.  Being busy is fashionable now

             1.  We can tell others how busy we are

     B.   A To Do list brings comfort in having everything listed, yet, we hate it!

              1.  We measure our success by how busy we are

              2.  Becomes a vicious cycle

III.  Time Management/ An Organized Life

     A.  Prioritize your list and work it

     B.  Time Blocking

              1.  Set aside a specific amount of time for each task

              2.  Be realistic

              3.  Allow for interruptions and the unexpected

              4.  Facilitates good customer service and maximum profitability

                     a.  Helps you be respectful of your customers (or those you serve) time as well as your own

     C.  Use a planner as well as any electronic calendars

             1.  Writing it helps it stick

             2.  Seeing the Big Picture in a planner is helpful for prioritizing and time blocking

             3.  We become numb to our phones constantly pinging us all day

     D.  Flow In/ Flow Out

             1.  Never walk from room to room empty handed

             2.  If stuff isn't put away, we end up owning too much/ duplicates

     E.  Goals

            1.  Deadlines/ target dates on everything

                    a.  Otherwise, nothing gets accomplished

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