Living the Relentless Life - Episode 26 with Chance Galloway

May 3, 2019

In this podcast, we chat with Chance Galloway about peak performance and leading a relentless life.


I.  Peak performance is best achieved by leading a Relentless Life

       A.  Be relentless in pursuit of peak performance

       B.  Be relentless in pursuit of your best self

II.  Chance's mother always told him he could do anything

       A.  This helped him with:

               1.  He was bullied as a youngster

                       a.  This eventually led him to the gym and exercise and high school football

               2.  He was diagnosed with a nut allergy at a young age

                       a.  Had to learn to read all nutrition labels and from this learned healthy eating

       B.  This will be a motto he used with his children some day

       C.  When you are in this type of negative event, you don't always know what it will mean to               your life until later

       D.  He listened to a lot of motivational tapes

                 1.  This is where he first heard the word Relentless

                 2.  Loved the word; it became his motto

                         a.  He had Relentless tattooed over his heart

       E.  All this combined to help him overcome the bullying

III.  His podcast:  The Relentless Life with Chance Galloway

        A.  Features people who have been relentless in their pursuit of life

        B.  Themes:

                  1.  Making Connections

                  2.  Learn as you go

                  3.  Keep an open mind


        Dream Big

        Never Settle

        Always Smile

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