Part of De-Cluttering is 'UNSUBSCRIBING'!


I love the movement to de-clutter your life. You can do it in so many ways:1. UNWANTED FURNITUREGet rid of any unwanted furniture in your home OR stuck in the garage. You'll think the square footage of the home grew when you open up all that space. Take it to a thrift store so that you enable someone who can't afford much to buy something of yours that they desperately need.2. CLOTHES YOU NEVER WEARWhat about the clothes that you will never wear again. Isn't it better to select the things that you usually wear and get rid of what you never put on your body? Have a garage sale and get rid of things that others will find useful.3. ORGANIZATIONS YOU NO LONGER NEEDSometimes you sign up to be part of a group or activity and then feel guilty about losing interest in them. Just send them an e-mail thanking them for letting you be a part of what they do. Explain to them that you have some other priorities you must attend to. (A footnote here would be anything that involves exercise. It's important to stay healthy, so be sure if you take an exercise activity out you replace it with something else.)4. UNSUBSCRIBEThis is my favorite one. Every Monday I look to see what's come in over my e-mail for the week and UNSUBSCRIBE to anything that is not completely useful. I especially like to eliminate any commercial ones that I don't really need. It frees up my in-box and helps me get it down to one screen per day. A person should only spend a few times a day checking their e-mail, or they are starting to lose focus on more important things. Again, de-clutter your life and your mind!

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