How Much Seed do You Plant on the Cement?

September 28, 2020
Executive Coaching

Running in Florida can be a wonderful experience. There are many beautiful entrances to gated communities that provide for some great scenery.  The birds are usually singing in the palm trees above you and flying from tree to tree.


Even the gators seem to smile when you go by the bodies of water. (I may be imagining that.)


One of my running routes in the morning is along a gated community that is very pristine. The grass is like a golf green. And most of the mornings I run that route, I meet a gentleman on a tractor who rides down the sidewalk toward me.


I often wonder why I have to run out in the road and why he doesn’t move his tractor onto the grass so that I can go by, but it doesn’t appear that he thinks about that. In fact, as I pass I always notice that he is busy looking at his cell phone.


I would say that he’s usually not focused on what he is doing. The other day was quite interesting. As he drove by me, I could see that he was spreading grass seed and fertilizer. The only problem was that he did not change the spreader direction, so he was spreading a heavy coat of fertilizer and grass seed on the cement sidewalk.


As I ran by this I saw that he had done that for about a half mile. I bet the property managers don’t know that they are spending money to fertilize the concrete.


Do you have that going on anywhere in your organization? Do you have one or two people who are not very focused, especially when your eyes are not on them?


There are many good people looking for work right now. Is it time to re-train any of your folks or maybe even replace them with a star performer?

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