How You Respond to a Mistake Says it All

April 15, 2019
Executive Coaching

Everyone makes mistakes. We often hear that said. We have also heard that it’s how we handle those mistakes that determines what kind of organization or person we are.

If we can’t admit we made a mistake, we have just lost credibility.

If we say the mistake occurred in an area other than our own, we lost a little more credibility.

If we admit to the mistake and don’t correct it, we have lost both credibility and respect.

If the mistakes occur often, we are starting to erode our company and show that we don’t know how to run a good organization.

And if the mistakes seem to happen to the same person or organization, we are probably close to losing that customer, so it might be time to re-assign or part with that employee.


  1. How could we be more proactive so that we don’t have mistakes in any areas?
  2. What are the mistakes that seem to repeat themselves?
  3. Who are the people who have complained that we make too many mistakes?
  4. What are the actual statistics about how many mistakes we’ve made?
  5. What are the areas where the mistakes occur the most?
  6. Who are the people who make the most mistakes?
  7. If they are important to our organization, can someone help them with details?

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