Part I: Changing My Cha-Cha Behavior

October 18, 2021
Executive Coaching

Suddenly I realized what my executive coaching clients go through when I try to help them change a behavior. I tell them it takes a least three months before it forms a habit that is integrated into their life.


For me I was all too real as my wife and I were taking ballroom dance lessons. Now we love to dance, and have both had dance training in our backgrounds, so we weren’t new to the dance floor.


But the instructor started with something that I thought I was going to know— but didn’t. I had learned to cha-cha in a very simplistic American way and had done it that way ever since I was a young man.


This instructor, however wanted us to learn the continental way. That started a little differently, and no matter how I tried, I kept wanting todo it the old way. I did finally get and we then learned some fancy additions to the cha-cha step.


So, all is good. Except the next week I forgot the step all over again. I struggled until I finally got it and then picked up on what to do. It still bothered me that I didn’t remember it, though.  At the end of this lesson, I asked her if I could videotape the step so that I would remember it. The video did help before the next lesson, but I still had to remind myself to do it the new way and not the old way.  


I once again realized that it truly does take three months before something new you learn becomes a new behavior.



1.    Are you trying to practice a new behavior?


2.    Do you get it the first time, or does it take practice?


3.    Once you learn it do you check up on yourself occasionally so that you haven’t reverted back to the old way?


4.   Do you regularly assess how you do what you do and change things up when you should?

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Dan Chiodo

Passion. Charisma. Results. It’s those values and a desire to see others achieve them for themselves that led Dan to found iMPACT Training & Development, a firm which offers training to guide individuals into a higher level of performance through executive coaching, motivational speaking, staff training and organizational development.


As a Certified Mastermind Executive Coach, Dan teaches courses in leadership development, communication, sales, customer service and time management, with a focus on hands-on learning strategies.


Dan’s experience and interest in time management led to writing his book PerfectTIMING which is available on his website, as well as, Barnes & Noble and other books stores.


Dan also serves as the Senior Associate to Dr. Bill Wallisch, founder of MAIN Point, which is a communications firm that specializes in strategic communication skills for organizations worldwide. Clients include astronauts and cosmonauts of NASA, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, General Mills and the White House. MAINPoint also prepares well-known personalities for appearances on national television programs, such as Today, Nightline, Good Morning America and Meet the Press.


Dan spent a great part of his career in the communications field, having served more than ten years as the President & Publisher of the Joplin (MO) Globe, which is one of the largest newspapers in Community Newspaper Holding’s (CNHI) groups of newspapers in the U.S.

Prior to that, Dan held several management positions with Ottaway Newspapers, the community newspaper division of Dow Jones, Inc. He has also worked at communications companies in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Minnesota and Missouri.


Dan graduated from East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania. He also attended the American Press Institute, Reston, Va., the management studies program at Kellogg University, Chicago, Ill., and Leaderpoint Management Development Institute, Overland Park, Ks. He also taught at the Bloomsburg Journalism Institute, Bloomsburg, Penn., and at Ashland Community College, Ashland, Ky. Dan was an instructor for the Xerox Professional Selling Skills program and administrated it for several Ottaway newspapers.


Dan’s assignments have taken him to countries such as Mexico, Panama, Australia, the UK and Dubai. He has also taught in the U.S. for companies such as General Mills, Nestle, Medtronic, Knutson Construction, the State of Missouri and Freeman Health System hospitals.


Dan is also on the John Maxwell Team of instructors and coaches, working with John to offer his courses throughout the country.

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