September 25, 2017
Executive Coaching

Q: It's time to print new business cards. Any thoughts on that?A: Try a new approach for those new cards.I once read that in eastern cultures a business card is a very important tool. You don't just throw a business card on someone’s desk or abruptly hand it to someone. You present it to them with great pride-- almost like a little ceremony. Imagine treating business cards with such respect that people remember you for your very sincere presentation of them.When I have my business cards printed, I always ask the printer to use a glossy front so that my photo and the information on the front of the card “pops”. I ask them to use a flat finish for the back, so that I can write a message with a fine or medium point Sharpie. (I use a Sharpie because it doesn't smear, dries quickly and can be used on the slick side of the business card.)Why would you be using the Sharpie on the front of the card? You may want to circle your e-mail address, phone number, website or a word that shows a specific area you specialize in.I believe if you just hand someone a card and don't put anything on it or circle something on it, it is just like everyone else's. But with your written message written on the back or something circled on the front, it is golden. The recipient may keep it around, since it's not like every other card they are handed.

Here’s an example: I was recently so impressed when a server at a Nordstrom restaurant put a special hand-written message on her business card, thanking us for coming to shop and enjoy food at Nordstrom that day. I still have the card.What could you write on the back of your business card? Well, it must be short and sweet, since there's not a lot of room. I started to do this after I wrote my book PerfectTIMING. I found that people like special messages in their copy. That made me wonder why I couldn’t put a message on the back of a business card. It creates a special connection. ACTION STEPS FOR THE WEEK

Think about what you might write on the back of your business card. Here are some examples:

Pleasure to meet you today Check out the blog section of my website Hope to work with you soon See you at Expo next week Glad we connected. Talk soon.

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