The Value of Setting Up a Focus Group

Executive Coaching

Q: How can I find a new way to get valuable information from my prospects or customers?

A: Surface new ideas by bringing your survey methods to life via a Focus Group!

Perhaps you have surveys on line which you encourage customers to take. Maybe you have comments cards available at the front desk of your organization. Or maybe your people regularly get out into the community to ask customers or potential customers for comments.But there is nothing like bringing together a small group of individuals who can give you their opinion of your organization, its programs, and its people. They will feel, like you are bringing them into your decision-making process. This makes them feel like part of your “family,”If you have a conference room, that’s a great place to gather. If you don’t, then a coffee shop will do. The only expense you have is the time it takes to do the project and some money for refreshments.What you gain is having the chance to ask questions, carefully listen to their answers, and (this is valuable) listen to the interaction of the members of your focus group.You get better ideas when people share their thoughts. I’ve done focus groups for all sorts of industries and I encourage you to reach out and start one. (If you’d like to know how to set one up, how to facilitate one and then manage the conversation and information you receive, contact me at you do a project like this you make people feel like they are part of your family. You build relationships. If you have a conference room, I like to post a placard listing the Focus Group date and all the people who attended. Consider mounting these on the wall. People will like the fact that they’ve been a part of this.

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