There is Nothing Wrong with Starting Over

Executive Coaching

Sometimes the products and/or services you offer work beautifully. But you may hit a point in your organization’s life cycle where things aren’t going so well.Perhaps you can tweak a few things and get business back on track. But what if we are hitting a downward spiral that seems to have no end in sight? There may be a need to re-think everything and try to find the root cause of the situation.This is a skill that we should all get comfortable with. We probably did some great brainstorming to start the organization, so just get back into that mindset to work on the next chapter of your organization.This same principle can be used for specific programs you have launched. This is probably easier than re-hauling the whole organization.Don’t feel you have to stick with something that isn’t working— even if you came up with the idea. Do what’s right for the business.Carlie Haney of “Butcher’s Mark” , a business in Southwest Florida, was reported in the Florida Business Observer. “I call it a start and stop exercise. Sometimes we have to stop and start over. I’m passionate about perfection.” START-OVER QUESTIONS TO ASK

  1. What is it I was trying to accomplish?
  2. Who were the people I was trying to serve?
  3. What paint points that they have will this eliminate?
  4. What pleasure will it give them?
  5. (Throw away your notes from what you’re working on.) Start from scratch.

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