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One of the beautiful things about Florida is the sunsets.  My wife and I take a walk every evening and scenes like this one tend to stop you in your tracks. When I see the sunset I think about things such as nature, life, relationships, and also the uniqueness of that particular day.If it's a weekend, my mind celebrates the great times with my wife, talk with my children and meet new folks who came across my path.If it's a work day, I think about whether I made the most of the hours before that sunset.  Here's a little check to look at your sunsets in a new way.

ACTION STEPS FOR THIS WEEKS-- SetDid you set up your day the night before so that all preparation work is doneU-- UnderlineDid you underline the THREE biggest things you were going to do first?N-- NurtureDid you nurture the business and personal relationships so that people know that you care about them as a person before the work that they do?S-- StrategiesDo you have strategies in place to produce the results that are expected of you?E-- EvaluateDo you ask these three questions to evaluate the day you've just finished?  What went RIGHT?  What went WRONG?  What should I CHANGE?T-- TomorrowAre you rehearsing tomorrow in your mind for a successful day?Here's hoping you enjoy every sunset in your life.

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