WARNING: Don’t Lose Your External Focus

Executive Coaching

If we aren’t vigilant, we can allow ourselves to become more internally than externally focused, in terms of customer service. Some of the signs that this could be happening are: (1.) We forget that we are always on stage and start talking like we’re behind the curtain. (2.) We are not providing the correct on-boarding training that stresses that our focus should always be on the customer. (3.) The stress of today’s business world gets to us and we start using less emotional intelligence.

Here’s some of what I (as a customer) heard people say just this week:

At a hospital: “They needed me to be able to work seven days this week, and I told them I don’t intend to do that.”

At a department store: “How do they expect us to do everything? It’s impossible and ridiculous.”

At a book store: “The manager is so loud. I can’t stand him. I cringe whenever he walks by.”

At a grocery store deli: A manager and employee got into an argument that was heard all throughout the aisles of the store. Workers were peering around the corner of the shelves to see what was going on, and customers were all treated to this barrage of insults being fired back and forth.

In every case, the employees involved in these discussions had no focus on the customers who were around. They were focused on their internal situations, not the customers who could have used their attention and assistance.


  • Do you ever act like any of the employees above?
  • If so, did you use this same approach when you were first hired?
  • Do your employees know how you feel about how to handle internal matters?
  • Does your on-boarding process address how to handle any employee dissatisfaction?
  • Listen to what your employees are saying and doing. Make sure people in your organization are more externally focused.

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