What Are Your Dead Spots?

Executive Coaching

Whenever we go to Disney, my wife and I like to go through certain of the exhibits over and over again. Even though we’ve been through them before, we seem to notice something new each time.

She commented that I notice things she’d never think of. That’s because I have a different perspective. Not only do different perspectives help in a marriage, but that’s the advantage of having a business partner with a different style, way of managing, or completely different perspective than you.

Sometimes when we go through the Disney exhibits I will notice things that need to be updated. What seemed futuristic in the past may need updating, since the world is changing much quicker than ever before.

Also, when going through a Disney exhibit I will see an occasional “dead spot” or area where nothing is happening. I noticed one the other day in an exhibit and told my wife that they need music, colorful graphics and moving pictures to bring the exhibit experience to conclusion. That way the exhibit provides a very rich experience for the guest the entire time they are riding through it.

Do you take a continual look at what you provide for your customers, and prospects and make sure everything is the best it can be?


  1. Hold a meeting with your team members and ask them their thoughts of every step of the customer experience.
  2. Ask them what things you should do more of, less of, and what should be changed.
  3. Think like the end user during the entire process or consider bringing in a customer or potential customer to get their point of view.
  4. As you think of potential changes, don’t just say something is “a good idea.” Think of a way to make it happen.
  5. Revisit the customer experiences you provide each quarter and make sure things are as good as they could be. This is your chance to bring things to a new level.

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