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I recently came back from a cruise and learned I contracted a virus or the flu or something that caused a fever. The doctor put me on some strong antibiotics and then told me I couldn’t run, swim or do any weight training for five days. My first question to the doctor was “What are my options?” She gave me a look like it was a strange question, but not to me. I wanted to figure out what alternative exercising I could do for five days so that I didn’t change this essential part of my day.

After I got back home, I discovered there are plenty of forms of exercise that would help me stay strong during my recovery period, yet not go against the doctor’s orders. In fact, I found a few types of exercise that I am going to add to my daily mix.

This is a great way to approach our work, too. Sometimes we do things the same way for so long that we assume we are doing things the best way. Take a fresh look at the way you do everything and ask yourself some of the questions at the end of this blog. Also, when you hit an occasional road block, why not look for different ways to accomplish your goal. You may find some new approaches or procedures that get even better results.

Look at a variety of areas to find out:Ways you can more efficiently serve your customersWays to help your employees be more efficient by asking them what resources they need to do a better jobSystems that have been in place for years that aren’t effective in achieving the true results you want to attain


  • What things are you doing that really don’t get the results you are looking for?
  • What are some alternative ways to potentially get even better results?
  • After you try these new ways, think of other areas you might be able to examine to get better results.

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