Where is Your Focus? -Guest Blog by Life Coach, Melody Morgan

September 21, 2020
Executive Coaching

If we can change the way we see it, then what we see changes. 

I don’t know what your “it” is.  It may be a situation you are in right now, a decision you are trying to make, a job offer, a workplace environment, or a struggle you are feeling.  It may be something as simple as the weather, the turkey sandwich you have available for lunch today, or the apartment you live in.

Any and all of these things can begin to appear differently if you shift your focus just a bit.  Take a few minutes to gather all of your facts about your “it”.  Think about the emotions your “it” creates in you. Make a list of the pros and cons about your “it”.  While you are at “it”, make a list of the benefits and disadvantages of “it”.  

Shift your focus in a real way by doing a little experiment with “it”.  If your “it” is a tangible item, lay “it” down on a table or the floor. Look at “it”.  Now move to the other side of “it” and take a look from over there.  Turn “it” over.  Look at “it” from that view.  Make a note of the differences you see from each angle.  (I promise, they are there.)

As a coach, trainer, mentor, teacher, and friend, oftentimes that is exactly what we are asking you to do.  Shift your focus so you can see things differently than you do now.  Shift your focus so you can see things in a more positive way.  Shift your focus so you can see your “it” as a benefit, challenge, and good thing in your life.  Turn your head and look at “it” from a different angle.  Therein will lie your answers.  Therein will lie your solutions.  And therein will lie your plan of action.

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