Your Team Member is a Customer -Guest Blog by Express Employment Professionals Branch Manager, Stephanie Neal

October 19, 2020
Executive Coaching

Sometimes there are people who work with someone who just seems to get under their skin.  Maybe they don’t care for the color of their shoes.  Maybe they have a lot going on and just don’t want to answer a question that they have already answered many times before.  OR perhaps it is just a bad day.

Let’s say that that particular person has responded in a snappy or negative way toward a co-worker.  It’s not our best move, but they know we are all human and make mistakes.

If you feel yourself getting irritated at a team member (for whatever reason) you might do a “take a moment” before you respond and ask yourself this:  “If this was one of our clients, would I be responding with the same response and tone?”  

If your answer is “no”, then take another step further and ask yourself “How would  I handle this with _____________ (think of perhaps your biggest client).  Once you think about that, then respond in an appropriate and team- oriented manner.

You always need to treat your team (your internal customers) the same way you would your external customers.

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