You’re the One Who Follows Through

February 21, 2019

As an Executive Coach, I will consistently have clients thank me for an idea or skill I gave them to consider. I appreciate the “thanks”, but I always tell them that they are the ones who follow through and make great things happen.

I enjoy researching the latest techniques that help people achieve successful outcomes and sharing this information with my clients. But it’s the client who then decides how to apply it, when to do it and then completes the follow-through of the skill.

In fact, there are occasionally times when (after explaining the steps of a particular skill) a client thinks of their own unique twist to the skill. In those cases, I become the student. I am thrilled when they teach me.

My point is that whether you have an Executive Coach (like me) or a leader who understands coaching well, you can’t go wrong in frequently learning new ways to deal with the latest challenges you face in whatever field you are in.


  1. Is the person to whom you report a good coach for you?
  2. If not, is there anyone else who can mentor you?
  3. Have you considered finding an Executive Coach to help you accomplish what you want to achieve quicker than you could on your own?
  4. (I rarely make a sales pitch in my blogs...but here goes). Why not contact me for a Free Introductory Session to see how successful you might be if you used an Executive Coach?

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