“One Million Acts of Kindness”


I found a sticker that said this in a Starbucks in Naples, Florida. The more I read about this movement, the more interested I became. They listed their website, which is www.oneMIllionActsOfKindness.orgIt’s very simple. They say, “A goal for every individual to personally perform One Million Acts of Kindness in one’s life.”Why do I bring it up this for this week’s blog? If you decide that you want to do one million acts, think about the fact that you can perform perhaps half of them at work.Here’s how you could start: Every time you think of something that’s going wrong or something that needs to be fixed, expand your thoughts to think of more things where you can start catching people doing things right. Person after person. One good action after another.One other thought: When you change your approach you’ll find that you have to make fewer course corrections- because after you compliment people, they are going to do more good things because of how you make them feel.Get going. Start counting your acts of kindness!

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