You Get So Much More When You Give

May 13, 2019

There was an article in the March, 2019 edition of Florida Trend Magazine where Thaddeus Bullard, a former football player and WWE wrestler said:

“People invested in me when they had nothing to gain in return. So now I invest in others and I expect nothing in return.”

Once you gain some experience in whatever field you’re in, you get excited about all the possibilities you can achieve. Success drives you and you are happy to be making a difference.

What is even more exciting, though, is when you can help someone else be successful. A true leader is a mentor. It is a person who doesn’t just look out for themselves, but wants strengthens their organization and the world— simply by sharing their knowledge and experiences with someone else.


  1. Who are the people that you could help learn and grow?
  2. What are some things you would teach them?
  3. Give them a call and see if there’s interest in a mentoring program.
  4. Be methodical about checking in with them to offer them support.
  5. Get ready. When you help them, they will probably want to help you.

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