What Do You Offer that No One Else Does?

November 12, 2018

Q: What’s something I could do to really make my business stand out among the rest?

A: Offer something that no one else does.

That sounds difficult, doesn’t it? How do you offer something that no one else does when there are so many ideas out there?

The task will not be easy, but stretch your mind and examine several things:


  1. Look at all you’ve ever offered as products or services and make a list of the most popular items.
  2. Think of all the things that your prospects or clients have asked you to offer that you don’t and see if there’s something that maybe you could consider.
  3. Think about your competition and what they offer. It’s not that you will offer those things, just keep them in mind as things that have been done.
  4. Look outside your industry and make a list of services or systems they use and see if anything could apply to your industry.

Draw a big box and think about what the great idea will be that you put in there. This will take some time, but eventually you will think of something that is totally unique and may be your unique offering that no one else does.

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