Surprise and Delight in Action!

January 15, 2019

There’s a reason that my wife and I always go to The Capital Grille for special events. This particular day was our Anniversary celebration. We had an early reservation and so the greeter must have assumed we were the Anniversary couple. She asked if we were the Chiodo’s.

She asked us if a booth would be okay for us. We told her it would, but she had already assumed that, since we walked up to a booth out of the way of traffic and noticed colorful sparkling confetti on the table with a hand-written card wishing us a “Happy Anniversary”.

The waiter recognized us and welcomed us back. There is something so special about the ambiance at The Capital Grille. The beautiful cherry wood and art make you feel like you’re at the original one in Washington, DC—even though we were in Naples, Florida.

Our waiter offered us bread, which was not only delicious, but hot from the oven. Next, he brought us a champagne in beautiful flute glasses. Just like so many other things, it was “compliments of the house”.

Even though it was lunch time they had several waiters keep an eye on our table for anything we might need.

Part way through the meal the waiter took our picture. He came back to take it again because it wasn’t quite the way he wanted it. At the end of the meal he brought a 5x7 picture framed on a card as a memory of our meal.

He also brought a big white plate with “Happy Anniversary” written in chocolate and a generous circular piece of chocolate flourless cake, complete with fudge oozing from the interior. It was so tasty.


  1. What are the “surprise and delights” your organization offers?
  2. What are the individual “surprise and delights” that each of your employees offer?
  3. Are there things you could offer that would make your customers take more notice of the fact that you care about them

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