A Good Night’s Sleep Helps You Blossom in the Morning


We have this plant, called a ruellia, that is part of the landscaping at our new home where we moved in Florida. What’s unique about it is that every evening when I look at the rows of it outside my bedroom window most all of the beautiful deep purple flowers have dropped to the ground. What remains looks like stalks of weeds.

But when I look out that window every morning (as the sun rises) the beautiful deep purple blossoms have returned. They stay there all day long— providing a beautiful sea of purple.

I often see things in nature that have great relevance to people. This is certainly one of them. It leads me to believe that each night, if we get a good night’s sleep, we will blossom that next day— getting more results then we would if we were one of the “working tired”.


  1. Tonight, get a good night’s sleep
  2. See if that makes a difference in how you perform tomorrow.
  3. Note if those around you see a difference in how you worked.
  4. Change your schedule to get to bed early every evening.
  5. After about a month, make a list of all you accomplished.

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