Do You Experience FOLO (Fear of Losing Out)?


I was watching my morning Reuter’s news program on my iPad while I was working out. They were showing an exciting party-type event that was attended mostly by Millennials. They went on to say that Millennials would much rather have experiences than things.This caught my ear, since I feel similarly (even though I’m on a far end from Millennials).One of the most interesting parts of the story was the part where they said Millennials are wrapped up into FOLO (Fear of Losing Out). They will pay for experiences that are exciting—especially ones that may not be able to be duplicated.When we think about our organizations and what they provide, we should be looking at how we deliver what we sell or service. Do we provide surprise and delight at every turn and do we practice under promising and over delivering so that we truly can provide a great experience?I don’t have the answer for your organization, but it could be as simple as the way a Disney store opens its doors at the beginning of the day. (It’s quite an exciting ceremony for children.) Or it could be the way the Apple store employees offer an invigorating round of applause for the first visitors of the day.There are all sorts of things that can be done. Contact me and we’ll talk about ways you can make sure people want to be a part of whatever you do to excite them. After all, you want it to be your secret recipe that really make people not LO (Lose Out).

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