Does What You Do Every Day Thrill You?

February 5, 2019

Think back to the day you started working in your field. Maybe it wasn’t too long ago and you still skip to work each day—excited about what you will be doing. Or maybe you’ve been in the field for a while. Maybe you don’t skip any longer. Maybe you have some days where you feel like you’re dragging yourself to work.

Since this is the beginning of a year, let’s look at a quote from Andy Warhol, which says:

“You need to let little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you.”

Perhaps you say that’s easier said than done. However, if you forget all of the challenges you face each day and start thinking about why you got into the field you’re in you might take a feel a little more excitement.

Sometimes the negative things that happen to us each day wear us down. We lose our enthusiasm. We forget to take time off to re-energize. We start to think about what people are doing wrong, instead of what they are doing right.

Why don’t you start tomorrow by re-calibrating and looking at things in a new way?


Write down the answers to these questions…

  1. Why do people use the products and/or services that I offer?
  2. What makes me the best at what I do?
  3. Is there anything more that I could do to make new prospects notice me?
  4. Have I thought lately about what’s great about what I offer?
  5. How excited are my people about what we offer?
  6. Hold a meeting and get people excited about what you do.

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