Embed Your Culture into People’s Heads!


I was on an early morning bike ride and decided to take a new route. This one was into Florida Gulf Coast University in Estero, FL. The entrance to the University is long and beautiful. There are 800 acres of campus and 50% of it is all natural.

There are 15,000 students and they’ve only been open since 1979. There are about 32 students in each classroom. They try to maintain the ratio of 1 faculty member per 31 students.

I could go on and on with facts about the University. In fact, I did that while my wife and I were having our morning coffee. She asked me how I knew all of that about the University. Here’s how: They have banners all along the one to two- mile entrance and the left side of the banner says: “The FGCU Effect”. The other side has a fact. Since I biked in the entrance and then back out a little later, I saw each of these facts twice and memorized them.

Isn’t that a wonderful way to get people to know facts about your organization? You don’t have to have a long entrance, but why not put factoids on the walls inside, outside or both so that people start to see them? Brand them well so that each poster looks the same. See if prospects, customers and employees start to know what you are all about.


  • List all of the facts you think are important about your organization.
  • Ask all team members of your organization to come up with what they think is interesting or important.
  • Hold a meeting to decide which things are the best to feature on the posters or banners.
  • Spend the time and money to make the posters eye-catching a compelling.
  • See what people say, and more importantly what they remember about your organization.

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