"Good Help is hard to Find"


I am hearing this no matter where I go today. It doesn’t matter what industry or what city, it’s a repeating topic. Even staffing firms are noticing that they must interview more candidates than ever to find the right person to fill open spots for companies.

I don’t debate that it’s becoming more difficult to find people to fill spots, since many of the effective folks are already working. Consider, however, the following questions to aid you in thinking of people who might be a good fit for your organization.


  1. Does the ad I placed paint a picture of the opening that a person would want to respond to?
  2. Have I advertised in the right places?
  3. Would I respond to the posting that I’ve placed?
  4. If not, what should I do to make it more appealing?
  5. Do any of my best people know someone who might be a good fit for the position?
  6. Do I offer a spiff if a present employee finds someone?
  7. Do I know any retired folks who still want to “stay relevant” ?
  8. If they’re retired, do I know if they were great at the jobs they did ?
  9. Are there any young students who would love a chance to join my organization’s family?
  10. Did I inform applicants that what they’re doing may be an entry level position, but if a person proves themselves, am I always ready to promote talent?
  11. Have I been flexible enough in accommodating their needs so that I can do a little” customization” of the position to make them more successful?

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