“ I Don’t Know Anyone Who’s Done It Like This Before”


I love hearing language like that. It tells me that you’re not afraid to think way outside the box and venture out into a place where there can be many possibilities.

Who knows why you decided you wanted to do it differently, but you should be applauded for that. You might even hit some rough “headwinds” along the way, but you can probably push forward to make your idea a reality.

The alternative approach is to look at something that has already been done by someone else and make changes to it. That’s just not quite as exciting, in my mind.


  1. Why do I feel the need to create something new?
  1. What is the purpose of whatever I am undertaking?
  1. Who will it serve?
  1. Have they expressed a need for it?
  1. If not, can I ask the right questions to determine if they have a need?

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