I Wonder if He Sings His Heart Out at Work?


I was sitting at a stoplight waiting for it to turn green. It’s “Season” right now in Florida, so we have millions of tourists visiting. It can take awhile before the light turns green.

There was a young man in the car next to me who was “on stage” in his own car. His hands were wildly reaching to the roof of his car as he practically danced to the beat of his music. You could tell he knew every word and was giving it all he had.

He was oblivious to me watching him, but his energy couldn’t be missed. I also noticed that he had on a corporate uniform. Perhaps he worked an area hotel or restaurant.

I couldn’t help but wonder if when he arrived at work he had as much passion for his job as he did when he was “performing” in his car. Maybe he did. Maybe he’s an excellent employee who is so good he makes plenty of tips for how he does his job.

Or maybe when he gets out of his car, all the joy stays locked in his car as he drags himself into work.


  1. Watch your employees come in from your organization’s parking lot.
  2. Do they seem motivated?
  3. Are they smiling?
  4. Do you observe them talking to co-workers in an inspirational way?
  5. If they pass customers, do they warmly greet them BEFORE they go into the building?
  6. What do they act like when they get inside the building?
  7. How do they act during the day?
  8. If there are any who are less motivated, what could you do to find out the cause?
  9. What changes should you make to create a better work atmosphere?
  10. Should you make changes in personnel if there are a few people who are no longer happy?

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