If You Don’t Like It, I’ll Give You a Full Refund

July 9, 2018

This was in an ad for a comedian’s show being held in our area. I’ve never seen a comedian or many folks offer something like that before. Some organizations offer a partial guarantee on what they offer, but how many of us step out there and offer a full refund?

Now this may not be possible when you have used materials to create something for a client. After all you do need to be profitable. That’s understandable. But is there some type of service we offer or something that we would feel confident enough about that we could make this full refund claim.

If so, it shows that we are extremely confident about what we offer and truly understand what our customers deserve and are expecting.

One of the closest examples I ever saw was Craftsman tools (sold at Sears years ago). They offered a lifetime guarantee to replace any tool that didn’t work or that broke. Another one was Cross pens and pencils. If they ever did not function or got scratched, Cross would replace them at no charge for a lifetime.

Here’s another unbelievable one: Del Sol sunglasses. They offer to replace your glasses if damaged or lost. Now that’s big! They don’t want you to be without your Del Sol glasses.

Look at everything you offer and how many returns or refunds you experience.


  • If you do experience returns or refunds, think about whether you should make any changes to improve your products.
  • Now think about what goods or services you could offer a “money-back guarantee” on.
  • You have a lot of choices. You could offer to refund, replace or offer something new in place of it.
  • As you reflect on this, think about how many customers rely on you and your products and services. What is a solid offer that you could make to show you fully back your goods and service?.

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