It’s a Sign!


I’ve begun to think about 2019 and what great things I want to happen in my life. The start of this process was my bike ride last Saturday morning.

We live in a beautiful gated community in Estero (in southwest Florida) called Tidewater. Right around the area where you leave the entrance there are signs that market the community for guests who visit.

Most of the time I pass those signs on my bike ride, but today they have real significance. There were a total of five signs along a half mile stretch. Each one made me think about what I want to do in 2019:

Sign #1: Set new records

Sign #2: Make new connections

Sign #3: Learn new games

Sign #4: Try new things

SET NEW RECORDS is exactly what we can each do in our fields. Why not make this our very best year? With a strong focus and deep concentration, we can make that happen.

MAKE NEW CONNECTIONS could be an initiative that gives us a new way of thinking and living. Networking has such positive results. It can make you think in a whole new way.

LEARN NEW GAMES reminds us that we should be relaxing more. It’s the time off and relaxation that helps us do our very best work.

TRY NEW THINGS is why I’ve already started an “Experimental Friday” where I do everything differently. (Expect to hear more about this in an upcoming 2019 blog.)


  1. What new records could you set in your field and in your life?
  2. What connections could you making, including the ones where you’ve said you’d get together with someone and you haven’t?
  3. What games are you playing now and what new ones would sharpen your mind and skills?
  4. What new things would you like to try this year? Now go do it!

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