It’s Time for the Annual Holiday Letter!

October 29, 2018

I am in charge of the annual Holiday letter (well, at least doing the first draft.) I take a stab at what my wife and I are going to write. Then she fine-tunes it and sends it out.

When I wrote my book, PerfectTIMING, I told readers to do things by setting ADVANCE DATES (deadlines that are in advance of when you need to have something completed). I want to practice what I preach, so I do our letter mid-October. Then we send it in early November.

Why do we do it this way?

  1. We (like you) get busy over the holidays, so we like to take time to focus on it.
  2. The year is ready to wrap up, so most of the material we want in it has already happened.
  3. By sending it out earlier, it will get noticed. When too many newsletters come in all at once sometimes people don’t read them.


  1. Consider this approach for what you do at your organization.
  2. If you send out holiday cards consider doing them 60 days earlier than the holiday so that recipients get yours first.
  3. Add a twist to the holiday cards you send out. For instance, instead of December holiday cards, consider a Thanksgiving Day card, which will be noticed and set you apart from everyone else.
  4. Find other ways that you can make an impact by being the first, doing things differently or thinking outside the box.

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