Life is a Box of Chocolates…or a Bag

August 13, 2018

I was finishing my chocolate candy my wife gave me and she asked me if I checked the message in the wrapper. I had been eating these great Dove chocolates for a long time and didn’t realize there was a message inside each wrapper. It’s similar to a fortune cookie, I guess. There are those who think that the right message is some omen for them and that a miracle occurred. I would rather think that I should look at the message and determine how I might use it for some good purpose.Now I check every message in my chocolate candy and do something with it to create a better day. The messages, by the way, are from people all around the country. Here are a few examples, just so you know how powerful these little chocolates can be:“The magic is in the mess.” (Dorothy S.) Some things are messy. Situations occur that just need some help and structure to make everything good. So many times we sweat when there’s a mess and forget that we could see it as an opportunity to create something great.“Today is your day.” (Megan K.) That quote just makes me want to do something with whatever I’m dealt and create something big. Sometimes we don’t realize that we could do that each and every day.“You are never too old and it is never too late.” (Lauren P.) Just by coincidence, I opened this one on my recent milestone birthday. That really brought a smile to my face and an extra burst of energy.Here’s some homework for you. If you wrote a quote for one of the chocolates, what would it be?

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