Part II: We’re Back at the New Coffee Shop

January 7, 2019

In the first part of this two-part blog I talked about a new coffee shop that I visited. It was the place that I intended to move to when I am doing executive coaching sessions. The day I tested it by bringing my clients, I noticed that each person had one of the high end, more expensive drinks—not just a cup of coffee.

I won’t be returning to the shop, though, because of several things that went south that day. Here are just a few. As I review some of these occurrences, think about whether any of this or something similar could happen in your organization.

  1. I thought I heard a ring tone that sounded like a cat, yet I heard it over and over. I turned around to see a barista from another coffee shop reading a book, while holding his cat in his lap. The cat would rest its head on the table as it waited with its owner. (I also noticed that after they left no one bothered to clean the table.
  2. The one barista who was standing behind the food case decided to not just brush her fingers through her long hair, but scratch her scalp and then flick right over where the pastries were. I suddenly do not want any pastry that day.
  3. When I went up to the counter I asked for a pour-over coffee with extra grams so that it was really strong. The barista explained to me that they only made coffee according to their formula, so if I wanted it stronger I would have to order an Americano. (That’s not what I wanted. I wanted what I requested, but suddenly I was being told how I like my coffee.
  4. One of my clients ordered a cup of hot tea. The carafe they brought it in was beautiful, but after pouring a cup, they took the carafe away and never came back—as if to supply more hot water would cost them money.
  5. The temperature started to get colder and colder as the morning went on. When I mentioned it to them, they said that they didn’t feel it was cold. (Obviously they weren’t cold, when they all have aprons around them and are next to hot coffee equipment.
  6. After all of this, I went up to the barista at the front counter to complain. She listened to my points and then asked me if I wanted to join their loyalty club.

After that, I decided perhaps I should talk to the manager. The one that was on duty listened to me, abruptly said “thank you”, and turned away to go back to his table to work on his computer.


Review each of the items above and ensure that none of that would happen at your establishment.

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