“This Year Will be Different…No, I Mean it!”

December 26, 2018

This is something that many people say as they begin a new year. There is something about that beginning of a new 365-day chapter of our life that makes us want to make a difference.

I once had a French professor who taught sociology. He would walk in the classroom open a big leather notebook, and lecture for 50 minutes. That sounds like a long time, but the lectures were always amazing.

One day he talked about “self-actualization”. It was the first time I heard the term. He explained that it means trying your best to perfect all areas of your life so that at the end of your life you are proud, happy and feel “accomplished”.

I have always worked toward that, even though it’s not something that is easy or quick. Each year, though, I reassess where I am in my life and work to do something that moves me further ahead.

New Year’s Day seems to be a great time to review this. Want to join me in this venture?


Write down the answers to these questions…

  1. What’s going well in my life?
  2. What could use fine-tuning?
  3. What would I like to add to my life this year?
  4. What do I want to stop doing this year?
  5. What changes do I want to make?
  6. Highlight all of the things that will be your focus for 2019. Limit it to 12 items so that you can focus on one thing each month.

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