We Disrupt You for This Important Announcement

June 24, 2019

The Florida Business Observer has a habit of highlighting the very best quotes from the movers and shakers it interviews in its newspaper.

Its March 22 edition featured a quote from Marc Randolph, Co-founder of Netflix. He said:

“Big or small, if you are unwilling to disrupt yourself, you are leaving things wide open for someone else to disrupt your business for you.”


  1. In what ways do you disrupt your business?
  2. Do you continually look at it in different ways?
  3. Do you listen to what your customers say and make necessary changes?
  4. Do you talk to prospects to find out why they don’t buy your products or services?
  5. Do you ask the tough questions that will make sure you’re not assuming anything?
  6. Are you watching your competition and what they’re doing?
  7. What are they doing that you are not?
  8. What aren’t they doing that you could do?
  9. How about disrupting yourself?
  10. What would that look like?

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