“What Don’t We Have that You Want?”


This is the golden question that could give you valuable information that you can use to increase your sales and get the best results for your organization. It’s a simple question, but it’s the reason that people come to you no matter what your organization does.

After all, we assume we know what people want. We also provide the products and services that we think they need. We may be right on target, but this question will let us know if we are correct.

The golden part of this question, though, is taking the time to really listen about what the person tells us we should stock on our shelves or add as services. After they tell us, don’t shut them down. Let them talk about why they think what they feel we should offer would be a good thing. Find out the benefit it would add to their lives. Then you have a chance to examine how it would align with what you had already planned for the future purchases or offerings.

There is a store in the northeast that used to have this slogan:

“Whatever you want, we have it. What color do you want it in?”

I tested them on what they said and found that they did have most of what I wanted. It was a department store with items that people wanted to buy.

You may not be able to do all of what people suggest you do, but you can get closer to being the organization that more and more people come to make their purchases.


  • Ask each of your team members to ask this question to customers this week.
  • Put this golden question on your website or your e-commerce site so that you get the conversation going.
  • Compare notes after compiling some information and determine which items you might be able to stock or services you might provide.

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