What Experience Could You Offer?

June 25, 2018

When in San Antonio, many people take the River Walk boat tour. It costs very little and you get a less than one-hour ride around the waters that surround the buildings, gardens, and all the River Center stores on the River Walk.

I doubt there is a lot of upkeep or expense to this amenity. They pay the tour guides, clean the boats, and drain the water in the waterway once in a while (it’s not very deep).

Another example of a wonderful amenity is in the Midwest at the Bass Pro Museum at the Bass Pro Shop in Springfield, Missouri. You get to view all sorts of animals and a great aquarium and then have lunch in their signature restaurant.

In Costa Rica I visited a candy shop that offered a candy factory demonstration of how the candy is made.

If possible, it makes a lot of sense to offer a tour or experience that might give prospects or customers a sample of what you do. It could be just for your facility or perhaps a city can come together to offer something people will come to see.

All of this sets you apart from everyone else.


  • What special experience do you offer at your organization?
  • Did you do anything in the past that you don’t do now?
  • Do you have any relics you retired that could be put in a museum?
  • Do you have some space that you might be able to develop a historical museum or even a hands-on experience that children would be able to enjoy?

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